Making Movement Joyful!


We all know exercise and moving our bodies is important for our health. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of physical activity/week. Benefits of exercise include improved mood, decreased anxiety and depression, reduced health risks, and stronger muscles and bones.

However, when we don’t enjoy exercise, it can be really challenging to stick to a routine and reap these benefits.

Here are a few tips to make movement more joyful!

Explore new options.

  • Try different fitness classes.
    • Many fitness classes give you the first class for free! This is a great way to try something new.
  • If a fitness studio isn’t for you, try workouts at home.
    • There are many at home workout programs you can purchase or free recourse on YouTube.

Respect your body.

  • Rest when you need it! Be intentional in listening to your body’s cues. If we do not rest when our bodies need it, it can lead to burn out and eventually quitting a movement routine.

Make it fun!

  • Get the whole family involved. Go on family bike rides, walk the dog together, or jump on the trampoline!
  • Try listening to a podcast or blaring music while exercising.
  • Try new exercise classes with a friend.

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