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Emily Dudensing RDN, LD

Emily Dudensing, RDN, LD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Emily is committed to educating and giving the community around her science-based nutrition information, allowing them to make educated decisions for their family and themselves. What she loves most about nutrition and dietetics is the practicality of it. It applies to everyone!

Emily discovered her passion for nutrition and healthy living while attending college at Abilene Christian University, completing her training to become a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

Most recently, she has co-authored and is certified as a Freedom Wellness dietitian coach.

As a lifelong resident of Rockwall, Emily recognized the need for dietitian services in the Rockwall community as well as surrounding communities. In 2015, Lemond Nutrition – Rockwall was born!  It has been a joy and dream come true to bring practical nutrition and wellness into her beloved hometown.

In 2016, Emily made a move with her family to Lubbock, Texas. She currently serves as the Lemond Nutrition Clinical Manager and in May of 2019, Lemond Nutrition- Lubbock was officially launched!

Emily lives in Lubbock with her husband, Emery, who coaches at Lubbock Christian Schools, and their three sons, Denton, Truett, and Emmett.

Resources from Emily Dudensing

  • - Born to Eat: Whole, Healthy Foods from Baby’s First Bite by Leslie Schilling MA, RDN and Wendy Jo Peterson, MS, RDN
  • - Produce for Kids- they are super active on all social media sites and have tons of great resources and recipes
  • - A Pinch of Healthy (apinchofhealthy.com) for recipes
  • - Aviva Goldfarb’s The Six O’Clock Scramble: Quick, Healthy, and Delicious Dinner Recipes for Busy Families
  • - Kiss In The Kitchen (@kissinthekitchn) gluten free recipes with balanced components for celiac families