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Find some extra information regarding everything from meal suggestions to where to find specialists.

Mobile Apps We Like

Shopwell App Icon

Shop Well

To search for food products that fit a specific criteria for allergies, health conditions or health goals

Lose It app Icon

Lose It

For food and activity tracking to lose, gain or maintain your weight. We wish they would rename the app because we use this for more than weight loss on our clients. It is a great tool to assess whether or not you are eating enough for your health or for a specific goal. Free basic and paid advance feature options. Not recommended for anyone diagnosed with an eating disorder.

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Sworkit app Icon


Fitness app that gives you your own personal trainer for various exercises such as strength, cardio, yoga and stretching. Free basic and paid advance feature options.

Recovery Record app Icon

Recovery Record

Recovery Record is a smart eating disorder recovery app that fits into your life and links with your treatment team to help you achieve lasting recovery. The app, which has been evaluated in clinical trials, is now available for you to use in connection with your treatment team.

MONASH University FODMAP App Logo

MONASH University FODMAP App

We love the red, yellow and red visuals by food type when shopping that tells you the amount of FODMAPs are in a particular food.

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