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 Lemond Nutrition Founders

We're Here to Change the Way You Think About Food

Lemond Nutrition is proud to be one of the most trusted private nutrition practices among families and doctors in the Dallas and Lubbock areas. After seeing a need for comprehensive nutrition assistance specifically for children and families— Angela and Jeff Lemond founded the company in 2009. Lemond Nutrition has helped hundreds of people find a nutritious and healthy lifestyle.

We are honored daily to be a continued resource for people in need.


To foster health and healing using evidence-based nutrition therapy in a compassionate and loving environment consistent with principles founded in love, honesty, respect, responsibility and service.


To be the most trusted food and nutrition partner for the individual, the healthcare professional and the community.

Meet the Team

We are experts in our field, but more than anything, we are a Lemond Nutrition family. We thoroughly enjoy collaborating with each other and our patients/clients. We invite you to meet the people behind Lemond Nutrition.

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