Pediatric Nutrition

We conveniently offer all of our pediatric counseling services online.

Solving Your Child Food Dilemmas Virtual Sessions with Evidence-Based Solutions.

The virtual world exposes all kinds of baseless information and downright unqualified, dangerous guidance. Our registered dietitian nutritionists give you researched, practical advice no matter where you call home through our HIPAA-compliant video conferencing services.

The initial sessions run 60-90 minutes and follow-ups are 45 minutes to an hour.

All information can be shared with your dietitian in our HIPAA-compliant patient portal that will link you to your practitioner once the appointment is made.

Just like in-person appointments, you have access to your child’s dietitian with just one click in our patient portal. That way you can contact us between appointments as necessary.

For virtual consultations, our dietitians need:
  • A current weight and height/length on your child
  • Historical growth charts from heir pediatrician as far back as possible
  • Any labs that have been done in the last year

What Parents are Saying:

“Lemond Nutrition been giving great advice to all of our kids, from those who are picky eaters and might not be getting the nutrients they need to those who eat too much and are overweight, and others with complex medical problems and have different nutritional needs that can be hard to meet with a routine plan.”

– Vince

Let Us Join Your Child’s Healthcare Team

Most insurance companies are covering virtual nutrition counseling until further notice.
Give us a call and we can do a pre-verification.

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