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No matter the goal or need, we tailor a diet that is nourishing, delicious and exactly what you need to keep your body thriving.

Medical Nutrition Consulting

Get Back to Healthy

Did you know that 95% of your dopamine receptors are in the lining of your stomach? According to a Harvard Medical blog, your food can chemically affect your mood and is even linked to mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Needless to say, you really are what you eat. This is why we get to know you on a personal level. Along with your eating habits, we look at your exercise patterns, sleep habits, stress level and other things that impact wellness.

Get back in shape, get back to high energy—get back to healthy.

Formatting Your Diet for Success Eating Shouldn’t Be Complicated.

A wellness consultation evaluates the critical details of your life and determines the optimal way to promote current and future health. We customize a contractual plan and set nutrition goals in order to optimize health. We also evaluate exercise, sleep, stress level and other factors influencing wellness. Once this plan is packaged up in a portfolio with practical, educational pieces, we set-up a follow-up date for 4 weeks. We also offer nutrition genetic testing to personalize your recommendations even further.

Our practitioners are food therapists, so we advocate food as the primary source of treatment. In cases of nutrition deficiency, we may recommend a vitamin supplement to correct the problem. However, we do not sell supplements.

Clients may be asked to submit periodic food and activity logs. We do plan on keeping you motivated via e-mail along the way!

The first visit, we assess:
  • Height/Weight/BMI or weight-for-length
  • 24 hour diet recall including food likes and dislikes
  • Food allergies
  • Past medical history and family medical history
  • Family Eating Routines

This preliminary visit includes a nutrition prescription or wellness contract along with practical educational items that address your specific nutrition goals.

Tracking Outcomes for Success Follow-Ups and Ongoing Support.

What sets us apart from standard hospitals is establishing a personal relationship between the practitioner and the family. That is done through regular follow-ups to monitor progress, make adjustments and to answer questions along the way.

We are happy to offer our families ongoing support through our HIPAA-compliant Healthie portal.

Your nutrition expert is just a click away.

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Our Clients Say:

“I’ve been working with Eileen and she’s been wonderful! She set me up on a personalized meal and calorie plan and it’s been working great. I’m on a plan that is changing my eating habits for the better. This is not some temporary diet, this is a lifestyle change. Her support and encouragement has been helpful through this experience. I would recommend Lemond Nutrition to anyone who is ready and motivated to make this difference in their life.”

– Courtney

Introduce Nutrition Back to Your Day-to-Day

Call us today to talk to a nutrition specialist. We’d love to get you back to healthy.

We Work with Your Insurance

Even if you have one of the insurance plans listed below, we still need to verify nutrition services are covered. Please have your insurance card ready when you call us so we can verify benefits. Any quotes on benefits is NOT a guarantee of insurance payment— unpaid claims are your responsibility.

Plan to pay any co-pays or co-insurance fees at the time of your nutrition appointment. We take all forms of payment including cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Insurances we are currently in-network with:
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Baylor Scott & White
  • Cigna
  • First Health and First Care (Not Medicaid)
  • Humana / ChoiceCare PPO Network
  • Medicaid Traditional, BCBS, Superior Services Program *
  • Medicare **
  • TriWest
  • United Healthcare
  • Ambetter from Superior Health Plan
  • Tricare

We are out of network for Humana Tricare Military and Tricare but do take their insurance with records and pre-authorization.

Before you make an appointment, contact our office to learn about the discounts offered for each plan.

* Will need records and must be 20 and under for services to be covered.

** Medicare is only covered for diabetes, end stage renal, and if you have had a transplant in the past 6 months. It will then only cover three visits for the 1st year and two and subsequent years.

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