Jeff Lemond MBA

Jeff Lemond, MBA

Chief Executive Officer, Administrative Operations

Jeff has over 25 years of experience in commercial banking and acquisitions, which has really helped Lemond Nutrition in its infancy stages and now into maturity.  Jeff's strengths lie in seeing unique solutions for common challenges.  He has been instrumental in building the backend of our practice so everyone else can work the front end.

Jeff has a Bachelor's of Science in Economics, a Master's of Science in Economics and a Master's in Business Administration - all from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Jeff oversees the Administrative and Operational side of Lemond Nutrition. This executive management over the administrative team, as well as lead management over accounting, technology, facilities, quality assurance and risk management capabilities. In addition, he assists business solutions in corporate wellness along with various marketing objectives related to recent and future product development.

Jeff is equally enthusiastic about wellness as his wife, Angela.  Jeff actually has been the inspiration behind their mountain climbing - and with his urging, got Angela to go with him to Africa in August of 2012 to climb Kilimanjaro.  Jeff continues to climb mountains - literally and figuratively.  His next real mountain he would like to climb is Cotopaxi in South America.  Maybe by the end of this year?

In the Lemond household, Angela is the cook and Jeff is the baker and griller!  It works out pretty well.