Change the Way
Your Family Thinks About Food

Introduce nutrition in a healthy, empowering way.

Family Eating Together

Change the Way Your Family Thinks About Food

We’ve all heard “a family who eats together, stays together.” Well, it's true and the benefits go far beyond the food that is being eaten. Our seasoned dietitians lay nutrition as the foundation to daily eating behaviors— whether it’s to help remedy the effect of disease, or just to promote overall wellness. It is more than just food; it is a proper approach to eating when it comes to food that is just as important.

Wholesome Nutrition for the Whole Family

Our family package is perfect for those wanting to make a family-wide change. We do an abbreviated individual plan for each member including a customized wellness contract for each person. The consultation is typically 3 total hours broken into 2 appointments (2 people per visit; example: parents visit first, children on the next). We analyze the full eating dynamics of the family. This plan is for wellness only; not families that have chronic diseases. To find out if your family qualifies for this plan,give us a call.

Families Custom Package Base
  • Four (4) complete individual nutrition assessments
  • Behavioral education to prevent disordered eating and thinking
  • Growth patterns (if under 18 years of age)
  • Nutritional implications of laboratory values
  • Customized goals, objectives to meet those goals and education and practical tools to make success easy

Ongoing Support Get continued care even after the appointment.

We don’t stop there. We proudly offer our electronic health record (EHR), Healthie. This platform comes with its own HIPAA-compliant app that you can download to have direct, ongoing contact with your dietitian. This allows for maximum achievement of the goals that were set in each session.

We recommend that you come back to follow-up with us at least once regardless of your medical issue or nutrition diagnosis. Wellness clients usually prefer to follow-up for an extended time in order to optimize their success. In the follow-up appointments, we review the wellness plan along with what went well and what was a challenge. After a period of time, we usually recommend that you and/or your family have your laboratory tests redone if any were originally abnormal.

Dinner table set for a healthy family
Child stealing strawberries off of counter

Going a Step Further We make getting healthy a simple process.

We snoop though your pantry (no judgements) to make suggestions that align with your goals. Then, buckle up for our grocery store tour tearing apart all the misinformation out there you have heard. We give you practical tools to read nutrition labels and unveil an abundance of new, mouthwatering products you never knew were right there on the store shelves.

Our Clients Say:

“Lemond Nutrition been giving great advice to all of our kids, from those who are picky eaters and might not be getting the nutrients they need to those who eat too much and are overweight, and others with complex medical problems and have different nutritional needs that can be hard to meet with a routine plan.”

– Vince

Booking an appointment is a breeze.

Call us at 972-422-9180. Or contact us via email using the link below.

We Work with Your Insurance

Even if you have one of the insurance plans listed below, we still need to verify nutrition services are covered. Please have your insurance card ready when you call us so we can verify benefits. Any quotes on benefits is NOT a guarantee of insurance payment— unpaid claims are your responsibility.

Plan to pay any co-pays or co-insurance fees at the time of your nutrition appointment. We take all forms of payment including cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Insurances we are currently in-network with:
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Humana / ChoiceCare PPO Network
  • Medicare **
  • TriWest
  • United Healthcare
  • Ambetter from Superior Health Plan
  • Tricare

We are out of network for Humana Tricare Military and Tricare but do take their insurance with records and pre-authorization.

Before you make an appointment, contact our office to learn about the discounts offered for each plan.

** Medicare is only covered for diabetes, end stage renal, and if you have had a transplant in the past 6 months. It will then only cover three visits for the 1st year and two and subsequent years.