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Flexible Meal Planning with Meal Delivery Apps


As we all continue to navigate these everchanging times, I have found myself turning to food delivery apps a bit more. One of the best features is how easy it is to order, pay for, and enjoy your food, all while being 100% contactless. Another benefit of food delivery apps is that no matter your individualized health needs, for instance, management of cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugars, or even just the desire to have a variety of foods, there is usually something for everyone! I want to share a few ways to make balanced selections when ordering from a food delivery app, like Uber Eats or Door Dash to help reduce the risk of the above.

Methods for Meal Selection While Managing Medical Nutrition Therapy Needs:
  1. Want to decrease heart disease risk? Go Flexitarian… Start where you are and add more plant-based proteins like beans, hummus, edamame, lentils to share a few examples. Opt for proteins prepared in a variety of ways: grilled, oven baked, etc.
  2. Lower cholesterol or control blood sugars better by increasing fiber. Choose foods ike steamed vegetables as side dishes, on top of a pizza, or whole grain hamburger buns when available. High fiber foods help lower cholesterol.
  3. Balance for blood sugar control. Enjoy your favorite beverages with added sugar in moderation, as this can help not only manage blood sugar averages, but also maintain good concentration and focus throughout the day.
  4. Listen to your body to maintain a natural body frame that is customized to you. Remember you are not obligated to eat the entire meal at that sitting. Eat until you feel satisfied and save the rest for another time!

I personally am vegetarian and even find that there are many choices that offer variety and flavor to meet my preferences. My top three orders when ordering delivery are:

  1. Best Thai Signature- Pad see ew with vegetables and tofu.
  2. ZaLat Pizza- Vegetable pizza with vegan cheese
  3. Spiral Diner- Vegan nachos, and I’ll make my own side salad at home.

Food delivery apps and services offer increased flexibility to our meal planning while still offering a variety of foods and flavors. Managing various health needs can still be accomplished as we continue to be mindful over the options we choose. What is your favorite meal to order out?

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