Special Appreciation to my Mentors


Just as I would be your or your child's nutrition coach, I have had two amazing mentors or “coaches” that guided me in my pursuit to help others.  Thank you to Donna Israel, PhD, RD, LPC, FADA who’s passion for nutrition and helping others made me want to become a dietitian.  She encouraged me in those early years in private practice that set me out on a great course that has made my business what it is today.  Also, a very special thanks to Neva Cochran, MS, RD, LD (www.nevacochranrd.com) who has guided me along specifically in media and internal activities within our great profession.  Neva’s generosity in helping younger dietitians gain experience and exposure inspires me to do the same.  What an incredible role model you both are to Registered Dietitians everywhere!

And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank my mom for the incredible family meals growing up.  I have so many memories of our family eating and sharing about our lives around the table.  Thank you, Mom, for being such a great, first role model for me in food and nutrition!  I appreciate that so much now that I realize how much of an impact that has on their relationship with food.

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