Fueling For Activity | Pre-Exercise Nutrition


We all know moving our bodies and being active is important. There are so many health benefits from exercise including improved heart heath and mood, energy booster, better sleep, plus reduced anxiety and depression. Did you know, eating before and after exercise is just as important as the actual movement!? Making sure our bodies are fueled for the exercise we engage in helps our performance and helps our bodies recover quicker.

I like to break down eating before exercise by looking at timing. Timing is key to fueling properly! Ever eat a meal and then go play a basketball or soccer game? You probably felt pretty sluggish and had low energy. Our bodies do need energy before exercise, but we must allow ample time for that food to digest.

Look at the graphic below for timing and fueling snack examples. Are you training for something specific or transitioning to the off season in your sport? You may benefit from 1-1 counseling with one of our expert dietitians! Feel free to reach out today with any questions or to get scheduled.

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