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Lemond Nutrition Encourages Kids To Become MyPlate Champions!

Lemond Nutrition Encourages Kids To Become MyPlate Champions!

Tuesday, Apr 08, 2014

At Lemond Nutrition we LOVE MyPlate!  Why?  It is a colorful and user-friendly realistic approach to eating well.  For me, MyPlate makes sense.  I use MyPlate day to day.  I use it as a guide to teach clients – young and young at heart - how to balance their plates.  I also use it at home, when planning my family meals, packing my girls lunches and the adult lunches too! 

From my experience of using MyPlate with kids I have noticed that it empowers them. Once children understand that our bodies need a variety of nutrients and that these foods provide them energy, strength and help them grow; they are more willing to choose them as part of a meal.  MyPlate allows them to make healthy choices when ordering school lunch, eating at a restaurant or picking a meal anywhere!  ...


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