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Top 5 Food Restrictions & Their Potential Health Implications

Top 5 Food Restrictions & Their Potential Health Implications

Thursday, Jan 15, 2015

While it is true, food allergies and food-related disorders are on the rise, and the established cause(s) are unknown.  This type of rising health issue can wreak all kinds of fears that then cause people to make unnecessary changes to their diets and even more concerning, changes to their child’s diets.  Children are in a rapid state of growth, and that growth requires adequate nutrition from a variety of foods.  Unnecessarily taking out food groups from anyone’s daily intake can do the opposite of your goal – it can cause health problems.  But what if your doctor has diagnosed you or your loved one with a food allergy, intolerance or other food-related disorder?  We work with some phenomenal physicians that regularly make referrals to us for nutritional guidance.  But too many families are trying to navigate their new food restrictions on their own.  ...


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