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Eat According to Your Genes

Personalized Nutrition For Genetic Testing With Nutrigenomix

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The Answer May Be In Your Genes

In 480 BC, Hippocrates noted that “postive health requires knowledge of a man primary constitution.” This was just an ancient way of saying that we cannot achieve optimum health without knowing about our genes. We now know that specific variations of our genes can explain how we will respond to the foods, beverages, and supplements we consume.

Wellness or Sports Nutrition Evaluations

The Nutrigenomix® 45 Gene test provides you with the latest that science has to offer in personalized nutritional counseling. Learn how your genes are affected by the foods you eat and how your unique genetic makeup influences how you respond to different foods and nutrients.

The genes that are tested for their influence in the areas of weight management, nutrient metabolism, cardiovascular health, diabetes risk, eating habits , food intolerances (gluten & lactose), and even physical/athletic performance and injury risk

Included with Each Test:
  • Genetic test consisting of 45 genetic markers
  • Printed Booklet with recommendations based on your unique genetic profile
  • 30 minute consultation with dietitian for interpretation

Wellness Nutrition Genetic Testing

Sport Nutrition Genetic Testing

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Health and Wellness Nutrition Genetics Testing


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Sports Nutrition Genetics Testing


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