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People Learn Better— Together Together we help employees motivate each other through research-based education and healthy lifestyle tips.

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Freedom Wellness entails a 12-week intervention with bi-weekly classes (every 2 weeks for 6 classes total) lead by a certified Freedom Wellness Program dietitian coach.

We encourage your company to provide incentives for active involvement, program completion and 1st/2nd/3rd place winners based on a simple point matrix involving parameters that directly improve insurance premiums (improvements in glucose, cholesterol, body fat percentage, sleep and consistent workouts as examples).

  • Each Class Involves:
  • individual check-in of weight, Percent body fat, waist, step count, workout check, sleep tracking and other individual goal checks.
  • 30-40 minutes of new topic teaching
  • Q&A with group discussion

Come to Lunch and Learn Our Lunch & Learns cover an array of prevalent and relevant subjects meant to inspire your employees to get back to healthy.

We’d love to visit your business to discuss the latest nutrition and diet information for your employees. We go over subjects relevant to home, family and work life to inspire a better way to think about daily food intake. Come eat. Come learn. And have fun.

Some Example Topics Include:

  • Nutrition Myths Busted
  • Meal Planning 101
  • Five Components of Feeding a Growing Child
  • Lower Cholesterol Naturally
  • Preventing and Managing Diabetes with Food
  • Flexitarian: The New & Improved Way to Eat
  • Processed Foods: What to Avoid
  • That Gut Feeling: Food for Proper Digestion & Health
  • Eat for Your Immune System
  • Four Core Components of Living Healthy
  • Ultra Gassy? What Foods Could Be the Cause

Don't see the topic you are looking for? No problem. We are in the business of individualization— whether that be the person or the company. Give us a call to discuss topics that address the food and health concerns you feel is most important to the wellness of your corporation.

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Grocery Store Tours

Grocery Shopping Blues? Why Not Do It Together? We conduct grocery store tours to help your employees make smarter, healthier decisions based on their health objectives.

An onsite grocery store tour is the perfect place for a visual education of food types and brand choices for optimizing health. Participants follow with their own clipboards and handouts by a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) through all areas of the grocery store. Each stop includes identifying items that address health, value and convenience. Starter grocery list provided. Each tour is limited to 15 people and lasts one hour. Location negotiable.

We’re Not Just Dietitians, We Are Dietitian Coaches The difference can save your company serious cash.

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) as part of a health plan is an effective, low-cost way of helping people safely manage their weight. The price of the MNT benefit to the health plan was $0.03 per member per month. (1)

To illustrate: a study compared overweight adults participating in an insurance-sponsored medical nutrition therapy benefit with individuals who did not participate. After 2 years, the adults who received the MNT benefit provided by a registered dietitian were twice as likely to achieve a clinically significant reduction in weight, average greater reductions in weight, and were more likely to exercise more.

Your Benefits May Already Cover Us

While other wellness programs cost tens of thousands of dollars, our program involves costs that may already be covered under the insurance plan that you have selected for your company.

That means this outreach may be the most economical wellness outreach out there for you.

Primary care physicians identify dietitians as the most qualified providers to care for obese patients. (2)

In a national cross-sectional survey of 500 primary care physicians, fewer than half (44%) reported successfully helping their obese patients lose weight. Respondents identified dietitians as more qualified than primary care physicians, behavioral psychologists or nurses to help obese patients lose or maintain weight.

Community-based, point-of-testing nutrition counseling provided by registered dietitians (or a registered nurse under the supervision of a registered dietitian) may reduce risk factors for obesity and related chronic diseases among older adults. (3)

During a 3-year intervention, individual screening and point-of-testing counseling sessions (20-40 minutes each) were offered every 6 months to 159 subjects ages 65 years and older. Significant improvements in BMI, serum LDL cholesterol, fasting blood glucose and diastolic blood pressure were noted for participants who attended three or more counseling sessions. Participants who attended all six sessions had the most favorable results in each value.

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