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Vision: Do You Have It?


Talk about vision, check me out with The Laughing Cow

at ADA FNCE 2011.  The exhibits were fun!

I am feeling pumped up after attending the 2011 American Dietetic Association Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo in sunny San Diego, California!   I was able to meet some of my fellow nutrition bloggers for the very first time and it was wonderful.   Be sure to check out some of them that I posted on the Mommy Dietitian Facebook page.    The main things that I took back to my home base in Plano, Texas are more vision, education and tools for my passion in nutrition care and education.   Today, I want to discuss vision because it is so vital in achieving our life's goals.   As moms, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents, we are the visionaries for our family.   Things don’t just happen – we must start with a vision for what we want out of life.
Dr. David Katz delivered a very powerful message on the impact of healthy lifestyle that was communicated partly in poetic dialogue.   It was a very unique to say the least!   He gave some amazing statistics that surely resonated with me:   If everyone adopted a healthy lifestyle, we could reduce heart disease by 80%, diabetes by 90% and cancer by 60%.  As health professionals, we must have a mutual vision to dedicate ourselves in reducing these killer diseases.

Nancy Brinker is an excellent example of a person with vision.

You have got to hear Nancy Brinker share her vision behind her organization  – you may have heard of it? J – The Susan G. Komen For a Cure.   She is bringing her dying sister’s wish to reality when she said to here, “Please do all you can so no more women die from this disease.”   Look at the organization today - a global leader in the war on breast cancer that has investing more than $1.9 billion since its inception in 1982.   As dietitians, we all are striving to optimize health through proper nutrition.   What if we all had vision like her? My professional vision is to provide families with very practical tools to feed their families well and lead a healthy life.   As a mother, I understand the struggles and downward pulls of life, so my vision is driven by that identification with the average family out there.  My personal vision for my family is to model a healthy, balanced lifestyle for my children with the hopes that they follow in my footsteps.  I purposely and actively make decisions everyday in order to achieve that vision for my family.
What is your motivation for the goals you have in life?   For your family?   It must be something deep inside – like Nancy Brinker’s story - that gets to the core of who you are from an emotional past experience or a personal story that drives your passion.   Ask yourself – what is it?   When it comes to feeding your family well and living an active, healthy lifestyle, I always encourage people to envision the next 20 years forward to see where you want to be.    Imagine that vision over and over, believe that it is indeed possible - and move forward with actions that will make your vision a reality in your life.    

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