True Grit


So many times I have sat down to write this, but felt like I would not be able to find the words to express what I truly want to say.


Working at Lemond Nutrition I have the chance to assist an array of people with reaching their goals. Some people come in seeking help with disease management, wellness, weight loss/gain or due to conditions such as presence of eating disorder or disordered eating. It never ceases to amaze me how my job has not only provided me the opportunity to connect with some amazing people, but also allows me to feel truly fulfilled at the end of the day. I think all my coworkers would agree that the job itself is a ministry.


Over time, I have found one of my favorite populations to work with is those in recovery for an eating disorder. There is just something different about this population that I can’t quite explain. I am not sure if it is their vulnerability or their courage to share their fears and hopes that draws me to them. One of the things that I think I most admire is their drive to “show up”. By this I mean their commitment to come in (at times multiple days a week) to share not only the successes, but also the areas that need continued focus. As I sit with them, at times there are smiles and laughs (yep, those are the good times) and at times there are moments of complete vulnerability and even some tears (the kind that really hits you in the feels). I would be lying if I said I don’t tear up on occasion with them. This, my friends, takes courage. It takes courage to show up and it takes courage to share their truth, no matter how unpretty it may be at times.


I think one of the things I most admire most about a non-diet approach is the drive to really assess not only someone’s nutrition status, but to really look at the lifestyle as a whole. I love that recommendations are not just based on weight, but rather challenging people to look at areas that they can improve their quality of life – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. At Lemond Nutrition we recently launched the L.E.A.N. Freedom program, which focuses on: Lifestyle, Exercise, Awareness, and Nutrition. The all encompassing approach is destined for success. Those in eating disorder recovery are in some ways ahead of the game if they are actively working on their recovery since they are addressing all of these components. So again, their commitment (even when it may wane at times) to showing up truly is admirable.


As we enter into the new year, the internet is saturated with posts about the next big diet trend. I cannot imagine having an eating disorder and trying to sift through the information and the thoughts that must follow. It would be easy to say “well don’t look at it”, but let’s be honest – it is even on billboards as we drive down the road. As we look a little more closely, it is even present at dinner table conversations with our friends and families. The diet fads are literally everywhere we look.


I am so thankful to be a part of so many people’s road to recovery and to have the opportunity to witness their growth through their dedication. As you think about your New Year’s resolutions, I challenge you to consider “showing up” for yourself by committing to do something you won’t regret – commit to taking steps to improve your health (whatever that might look like today).


I want to leave you all with some of the initiatives/commitments that we are dedicated to here at Lemond Nutrition:

-Taking initiative to help educate other healthcare professionals on how to manage/support the eating disorder population. We seek to advocate for our clients and help give clients the confidence and tools to advocate for themselves. We also work alongside the treatment team (physicians and counselors) to build non-weight related goals to promote a healthier lifestyle.

-Assessing family dynamics and the impact on the recovery process. We strive to help educate family members on how to best support their loved ones. We also work closely to help connect families with trusted health partners such as counselors who can help navigate the process.

-Standing for science and evidenced-based nutrition versus fear-mongering. We commit to teaching others how to put these practices into action.

-Acting in mindfulness on all social media accounts. We truly do want to be a safe-place for all ages and a trusted source.

If you are interested in learning more about how Lemond Nutrition can assist you in committing to your health, please contact us at 972-422-9180.

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