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Diet vs. Fit-Minded

The scale can become a demi-God for many people.  The sad reality is that many people fluctuate 3, 5 and even 10 pounds with no act of their own -- just the fluid fluctations of their bodies.  Yet they use the scale as their only indicator of whether they are 'good' or 'bad.'  

People come to us for weight loss.  I get it.  But mark my words -- we have never had a client of ours have long term success when the only thing motivating them was weight loss.  It must be deeper than that.  In a day and age where we are bombarded by visual cues to be thin or look a certain way, it is easy for the young and old to be affected.  People become desperate to look a certain way and they are willing to go against their own logic when it comes to trying very restrictive diets in order to get extreme results.  

Some people come to us interested in a meal plan in order to achieve weight loss.  Our question is always, "What happens when you are traveling or out with friends or after you lose the weight?  What then?"  A meal plan would be just like another temporary plan that provides no training for real-life scenarios.  A person must get off the dieting carousel once and for all.  It's only then that you will have your breakthrough.

Diet vs. Fit-Minded Approach

In all the hundreds of weight management consultations that we've done, there have been common denominators of people that are successful and people that are not successful in managing their weight long-term.  If you cannot seem to figure this out for yourself, you might want to take this quick quiz to see if you are in the right mindset to manage your weight successfully.

Take the quiz: click there!!-->> Are you diet or fit-minded?  <

Top 8 Characteristics of Fit-Minded People

Let's talk about what common denominators seem to work for long-term success.  These include:

1.  Food is seen a wonderful pleasure that is tempered with health considerations.

2.  Nutrient-rich foods are emphasized for maximum health and energy.

3.  Calories are seen as the very energy it takes to run our bodies. Calories are a wonderful thing because without them we would not be able to function. 

4. Hunger is a sign to eat, and proper planning is done to ensure bodies are properly fueled.

5.  Food shaming is not done because fit-minded people understand that the body is very gracious.  Dietary patterns vs. individual foods or meals dictate long-term effects on weight and health.

6.  Understanding that a strong body is built on regular physical activity, proper fuel and adequate rest.

7.  Regular physical activity is a vital component of a healthy body regardless of size or shape.  Instead of waiting for the energy, fit-minded people fully understand that regular physical activity is the very thing that provides sustained energy to deal with all life's pleasures and challenges.

8. Proper fitness does not merely refer to physical fitness.  It is also fittness of the mind and spirit. Fit-minded people also take special attention to their feelings and emotional well-being -- and deal with them fully and appropriately.  If needed, professional help is sought to work through any self-destructive behavior in order to be well.

Although this is not a complete list, you can get a sense of the differences between diet-minded and fit-minded individuals.  If you have had ongoing struggles with your weight, work on moving over to the fit-minded approach to wellness.  

We would love to hear your thoughts on your own experience with weight management.  What has worked or not worked for you?

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