Take the Color Challenge -- Dietitians, Too!


March is National Nutrition Month and the theme this year is “Eat Right with Color.” I absolutely love this theme because it crosses over all ages, genders, health levels and socioeconomic levels. It really emphasizes the nutrient-rich approach to healthy eating, which has been my platform from the start. Don't think of food as just a means for weight control.  Food is such a powerful tool in your life toolbox that can help you achieve all your goals in life, not just your health goals. Our minds and bodies work better when we eat lots of colors.

Why colors? Check it out – every color represents a health benefit in your food! Produce for Better Health Foundation really does a wonderful job at listing out each color and the health benefit associated with that color. And then they list all the produce under that color for ideas! I don’t know about you, but this really drives home the reason in my mind why our bodies we need food variety. Even if we think we eat a lot of healthy foods, they may be the same foods day after day. Change it up, go to your local farmers markets, or spend more time in the produce section and browse the selections. Make a point of choosing new produce for your family to enjoy.

We are into day 11 of National Nutrition Month and this is a perfect time to issue you a challenge. Why?  Because Registered Dietitian Day was on March 9th and we celebrate our profession for all the efforts put forward to keep consumers healthy. There are dozens and dozens of blogs that are written by dietitians that are currently blogging about National Nutrition Month. That means there is a lot of evidence-based, practical ways on how to get more colors in your family’s diet.

So here’s my challenge to you: Between NOW and March 31st make it a goal to get at least 3 different colors on your meal plates. Try to make at least 2 of those colors to be of produce. You can count the other color as a lean meat or a low-fat dairy or even some type of whole grain because those are important complements to the perfect plate. Post your colorful plates on the Mommy Dietitian Facebook page and anyone that does, will be given a chance to win a mystery prize at the end of the month! I'll grab everyone's name again and put them through randomizer.org.  Hmmm…what could it be?  And dietitians, don't think you are exempt from my challenge.  My family and I will be taking the challenge on and I'd love to see your colorful plates on the Mommy Dietitian Facebook page as well!  Feel free to include recipes. :)

In honor of the recent Registered Dietitian Day, here are my favorite dietitian-associated websites that will provide great ideas on coloring your plates and learning more about nutrition:

American Dietetic Association

EatRight Kids

Professional Nutrition Therapists Blog


Jennifer Neily Newsletter

Wellness News at Weighing Success

SuperKids Nutrition

Raise Healthy Eaters

Just the Right Byte

Meal Makeover Moms

Healthcastle Nutrition

Nutrition Unplugged

Two great sites that have a dietitian blog directory!

Dietitians Online

Nutrition Blog Network

I know I am missing more great of my great colleagues blogs, so if you are an RD, feel free to leave your blog in the comment section or post it on the Mommy Dietitian Facebook page.

For my family, one of our favorite multicolor easy meals is good ‘ole fajitas. We live in the heart of Texas where Tex-Mex is plentiful. This recipe is controlled on calories and explosive on nutrients and flavor.

You can get traditional fajitas very colorful by adding your

favorite sauteed veggies and topping with fresh corn salsa.

Colorful, Very Veggie Fajitas

1 lb of your favorite protein (lean beef, buffalo, fish, pork, soy or chicken)

½ each of yellow, red, green bell pepper, cut into long slices

1 small purple onion

1 cup chopped mushrooms

1 T canola or olive oil

Directions and suggestions: Heat oil in a sauté pan. Add all the vegetables and sauté until soft. Add protein choice and cook until done, about 10 minutes. Wrap fajitas in whole wheat tortillas along with ripe tomatoes, spinach leaves topped with your favorite corn salsa and low-fat shredded cheese. Serve with some black or refried beans with dallop of low-fat sour cream.  Serves 4.

Spring time is coming and it’s a perfect time to get nutrition maximized – Happy National Nutrition Month, Everyone.  I will be featuring colorful plates all month long.   Next week, we'll start with breakfast ideas.  Let me hear from you that you are taking the challenge!

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