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Steps Taken… A Lifetime To Go



Getting back in the saddle again.  I need to focus on “me” again.  But more importantly, I am finally back in a place where I WANT to focus on me again.  I’ve taken these steps before, and I’ve been successful.  But life changed, life got hectic and it’s time to take these steps again.  But more importantly, I am finally back in a place where I WANT to focus on me again.  The steps to be healthy always walk a fine line between what we want to do, and what we need to do.  Honestly, it’s probably a little bit of both to make change.  Ultimately, the changes I need to make in my everyday life must be done for me – not someone else.

These are my starting point.  This is what I am doing to focus on me:

  • Just increasing my steps:

o   Increasing how much I move in my everyday life.

o   Exercise has always made a difference to me, I need to move to help me achieve my health goals.

o   Just moving helps to clear my head and decrease my stress.

o   What does this look like for you?

  • Planning a head – meals & snacks:

o   My family and I use a meal delivery service.  With this service, we are committed to cooking at home 3-nights a week with a balanced meal that contains at least 3-whole food groups that includes an in-season vegetable.

o   Ordering my groceries on line for pick-up.  For me, it’s perceived time saver.  Once of my personal challenges is that I always feel like I am running short on time – it’s a lot easier to be motivated to do something when it’s perceived as being easier.  For me, on-line grocery shopping is easier because it saves me time.

o   What does this look like for you? 

  • Self-Monitoring:

o   Self-Monitoring helps me to identify habits – both GOOD and those that need to be changed.  Self-Monitoring also helps me to quantify and measure my progress.  Not just how I “think” I am doing, and it eliminates the power of the scale from scoring my success.

o   Specially, I am both a food tracker and an activity tracker.  They both help me to make more intentional and specific food choices vs. just what is available at that point in time, and let me know what I AM doing correctly!  (Note:  I think my next blog post will be on the importance of self-monitoring and how to interpret that information.)

o   What does this look like for you?

  • Sleeping:

o   Getting a good night’s sleep.  Because of changes in schedules, work demands, family needs, etc… I had become a fan of late nights because they were quiet.  I enjoyed that quiet time and had made that be “my” time to either just relax and be myself, and/or be productive with chores or work that had not been completed earlier in the day.  However, the cost was sleep.  I get up at the same time no matter when I go to bed, so the change of making my own bedtime a priority just like I do for my daughter has become a must. (Note:  this would also be a great blog post in the future about how sleep affects your eating habits, because poor sleep does significantly impact your nutritional status!).

  • Defining my “circle of influence” and “support system:”

o   Not just for my health goals, not just to keep me accountable to what I am eating.  Who do I have fun with, who are positive influences in my life, and what do I like doing for fun?

o   This is especially important for me because I have a tendency to do everything for everyone else first.  I love taking care of people – it’s a strength of mine, but it is also Achilles’ heel because I forget to take care of myself when caring for others. 

  • Drinking More Water:

o   Sometimes I think I am hungry, and I really am thirsty.  I am trying to be more mindful of drinking water first before snacking.  Also, what I do know is that if I have water with me, I will drink it; but, if I don’t have it with me I don’t.  So… the moral of the lesson is to always have water with me.

I want to get back to GOOD and HEALTHY habits.  This is where I am starting – small, sustainable, achievable goals help achieve sustainable success.  What are your list of small everyday habits tha twill set you up for success?

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