Staying Active: Common Deterrents & How to Push Through


Activity is necessary for every human being. Beginning with infants learning to crawl, to the geriatric population walking to support muscle mass and bone strength, we all need it no matter what age. Physical activity, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Protection, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and breast and colon cancers. Physical activity can reduce stress while improving your mood. It can strengthen your bones to reduce hip fractures, strengthen muscles, and help manage pain from arthritis.

According to, children from 2-5 years need to be physically active several times throughout the day, every day. Children/adolescents from 6-17 years need to do at least 60 minutes, 7 days a week. Whereas adults should do at least 2 hours 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each week.


While many of us know that we need to do exercise, there are several reasons it makes it difficult to meet the recommendations. Here I will discuss the most common deterrents, and possible solutions to help you get up and moving! Before continuing with this blog post, I want to make sure I point out the following: please check with your doctor before starting a physical activity routine. Always make sure you keep hydrated by drinking water throughout your workout. Please wear appropriate clothing, cotton socks, and exercise shoes while exercising.


Busy lifestyle

I completely understand, when it comes to having a busy lifestyle, it seems like there is never enough time to fit all of our tasks into one day. The important note to make here is that if we do not take time to work on ourselves, it will be more difficult in the future to keep up our busy lifestyle. This is where you have to put in some work, you have to make time to get a workout in.

  • You may have a busy afternoon, perhaps you can wake up 1 hour earlier to get in a good workout before getting the day started.

  • Break up your workout to 10-minute increments 3 times throughout the day.

  • If you take your kids to a sports practice, walk around the perimeter of the field/building while they are practicing.

  • If you have stairs at work, always take them instead of depending on the elevator.

  • Do you get two 15 minute breaks at work? Take that time to walk around your office building

Remember, physical activity helps boost your mood and reduce stress, which can come from a busy lifestyle.


Issues with knees

Are you having difficulty moving your knee? Does the pain prevent you from going outside to walk? Don’t worry, there are other options to continue exercising without causing more knee pain. If you do not have any concerns with your arms, Coach Kozak’s HASFit and Nurse Mary Ann Wilson’s Sit and Be Fit have many videos on with low-impact exercises while sitting in a chair or couch in your own home! Please go at your own pace, and if there is something you cannot do, do not force yourself to do it.



Don’t know where to start

Many times people tell me “my doctor told me I need to walk, but I don’t like to do that”. Well, find something that you love to do, and do that!

  • Do you love music? We all do! This is a great opportunity for the entire family! Turn on some music and dance. If you need instructional dance videos that everyone in the family can dance to, they offer free Just Dance videos on

  • Ask a family member or friend to go exercise with you. You are more likely to do it if you are being held accountable.

  • Take the kids to the park to play on the playground, while you walk the perimeter of the playground several times. Or take the family to do activities, like going to the mall, zoo, theme park, or water park where you will need to be active.

  • Try the rent-a-bikes that are seen everywhere in the Dallas area


Too expensive

Many people think that you have to buy an expensive membership to a gym to get the proper exercise needed to live a healthy lifestyle. There are so many things you can do for free, without having to go to the gym.

  • I also love to use free phone apps to get a good workout in. My favorite app is Daily *insert workout here* Workout. The two I usually use are the Daily Ab Workout and Daily Arm Workout.

  • Use canned food items or water bottles instead of buying workout weights to do your exercise. You can also save and wash those plastic bottles, and add sand or rocks to continue their use.

  • Your local public library will have tapes and DVDs that can be checked-out for use.

  • Again, it never costs anything to walk around the park, the mall, or even a big box grocery store.


Extreme weather in Dallas, Texas

We all know what the weather is like in Dallas, today is hot as can be, tomorrow will rain, and the next day will be freezing! Don’t let the weather detain you from doing physical activity.

  • When it is too hot or too cold you can always do exercises inside of your home.

  • Join your local rec center's gym to save on pricing, and this gives you an opportunity to meet some of your neighbors who also utilize the center. The rec center also offers many opportunities for your children to join an indoor sports team.

  • Join any gym that meets your needs

  • Again, spending time inside the mall or box grocery store.

It can be difficult to begin exercising, and there are many reasons that could cause you to limit it. However, physical activity is very important in maintaining our health and it must get done. Hopefully, this gives you a few ideas to get you up and going!

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