ReTHINK Your DRINK & Show What You Know


Thirsty? If so, your body may already be dehydrated. What is your go to drink to rehydrate? With warmer weather, most of us find ourselves spending more time outside whether it be exercising, watching the kids playing soccer or enjoying dinner on the patio with family. Dehydration can occur much more quickly in warmer weather for all, especially children.  As activities increase and schedules get busier, it is important that we stay hydrated without sabotaging our healthy lifestyles with empty calories.

Our options are unlimited with choices ranging from flavored water to soda to sports drinks; it can be hard to determine which option is best. Sugary, flavored drinks may taste good, but they often turn out to be a calorie rich/nutrient poor option.  If these drinks frequent your daily routine, it’s time to ReTHINK YOUR DRINK!


Time to test your knowledge of popular beverage choices. Rank the following drinks from 1-6, with 1 being the LEAST amount of sugar and 6 being the MOST.

  • Numbers based on ~2 servings (bottle size shown)

Drink Comparisons


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Milk vs. Water

Flavored Water vs. Flavored Milk

Juice vs. Soda

How did you do? Were you surprised about the sugar or calories in some of these common drinks?

It is important to remember when looking at the nutrition facts label to consider the company the nutrients keep! For instance, a bottle of 1% milk (as shown above) has 26 grams of naturally occurring sugar (lactose) and is packed full of vital nutrients including protein, vitamin D and calcium for strong bones and teeth. On the other hand, a bottle of soda (as shown above) has 65 grams of added sugar and contains no other nutrients that are beneficial for our bodies. There is only a 34 calorie difference between the two, but almost 40 more grams of sugar in the soda!

Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) for Fluid:

Adequate Intake (AI) Fluid Needs per Day (Data based on DRI, amount may vary according to individual lifestyle)


TOTAL WATER AI (Liters per day)

7 to 12 months old

0.8 liters

1 to 3 years old

1.3 liters

4 to 8 years old

1.7 liters

9 to 13 years old

2.4 liters (males), 2.1 liters (females)

14 to 18 years old

3.3 liters (males), 2.3 liters (females)

>18 years old

3.7 liters (males), 2.7 liters (females)

1 liter = ~4 cups

All foods and drinks can fit into an overall healthy lifestyle with balance and moderation being the key components! When choosing drinks to keep you and/or your family hydrated this spring and summer, consider the company the other nutrients keep and if needed… ReTHINK YOUR DRINK!!

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