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Raise Your Mitt to Commit! | #FamilyMealsMovement


Raise your (kitchen) mitt to commit to the #FamilyMealsMovement! September brings focus to family meals awareness. 

Research shows many great benefits come from eating as a family:

  1. Decreased likelihood of developing an eating disorder, getting involved in drugs and alcohol, and delayed sexual activity
  2. Improved academics.
  3. Obtaining adequate nourishment.
  4. Allows time for bonding as a family.

For some, meal times are a great time and resource for families to connect. However, for some, meal times can bring a great deal of stress and avoidance. 

To help create a stress free environment, here are a few tips:

  1. Keep tough conversations outside of meal times as this creates tension at the table and can change appetites.
  2. Allow each person to explore their hunger cues and create their preferences around foods. What may be delicious to one, isn’t to another! Be open to knowing what textures and flavors your family may like to explore next.
  3. Avoid bribing and negotiating around foods.
  4. Use table talk cards to keep the conversations going.
  5. Family style meals can be fun to throw in every once in awhile, allowing each person to serve their own portions of each food and explore their sense of independence in their food choices.
  6. Allow the family to help prep the table, cook the foods, and clean up.

Having a family meal each night may be unrealistic, so start small. What are some days you and your family member can agree to connect? Most nights it may be at your home table, other nights it could be out to eat or a movie night on the couch! Get an idea of what your family members see as fun and enjoyable, and be open to their views.

Starting September 16th at 9 am and for the following 9 weeks, Haley Pfannstiel and I will be hosting, Raising An Adventurous Eater, connecting with parents and soon-to-be parents discussing what to feed children based on their age, and how to maximize their enjoyment in eating a variety of foods. For more information click here.

For more information about the #FamilyMealsMovement click here.

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