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Putting Your Best Fork {Foot} Forward


You may have heard the saying, “put your best foot forward.” While I have always had my own definitions or thoughts for this phrase (i.e., be prepared and start strong, give it your best shot, etc.), I decided to look up the ‘real’ definition.

I am so glad I did, because I love the wording that is used!


If you follow LN on social media or any other nutrition/health/wellness group for that matter, you may have seen that March is National Nutrition Month. The theme for NNM this year is “Put Your Best FORK Forward.” As with the original saying, I had several thoughts and definitions of my own that initially came to mind. However, I have a new mindset and inspiration after seeing the “true” definition.

Nurturing a healthy relationship with food, nutrition and our general wellness is an incredible journey that we all have the choice to EMBARK on every day. Note I didn’t say a simple, painless, confident, or short journey. But one that is truly a lifelong UNDERTAKING, that takes EFFORT and DETERMINATION.

The best part about embarking on this journey is that it is exactly that, a journey! You don’t have to change everything today and be an expert by tomorrow. You get to go with the flow and make it your own for you and your family. One small bite at a time.

Need a few ideas to kick start your EFFORTS?

  • Don’t eliminate your favorite foods or go-to meals.
    • If there are certain meals or foods that you love but maybe shouldn’t be enjoying every day, find a way to work small portions or similar tastes into your menu. Homemade pizza night, taco night (Tex-Mex tacos, breakfast tacos, fish tacos, etc.), fresh fruit “ice cream.”
  • Are there large quantities of sugary drinks in your daily intake?
    • Rather than juice at breakfast, soda at lunch and sweet tea at dinner, work to pick only one option per day, going from 24+ oz to less than or equal to ~8 oz.
  • Frequenting the drive through before evening activities?
    • Make PB & J sandwiches the night before with fruit, veggie sticks and dip and a snack size bag of chips. Grab them from the fridge for a quick and balanced meal on your way out of the door.
  • Try one new fruit or vegetable every week. 

As a mom of 2, I know that getting your family on board with new changes (no matter how big or small) can be quite the UNDERTAKING! But with your EFFORT and DETERMINATION, healthy changes can become a reality as you daily choose to “Put Your Best FORK Forward.”

We are on this journey together! Please join us the entire month of March (and every month for that matter) for practical plans, recipes and tips. Ready for more resources now? Click here.

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