Open Letter to Kim Kardashian West from Fellow Mom and Pediatric Dietitian


Open Letter to Kim Kardashian West From a Fellow Mom and Pediatric DietitianHi Kim,

It is obvious that you are an outwardly beautiful woman, and I have seen you do some beautiful things for your fans and various charities.  But do you realize that the environment that you raising your children in is a war zone in the world of eating disorders? 

Eating disorders are associated with some of the highest levels of medical and social disability of any psychiatric disorder. There are so many staggering statistics that cannot be ignored.  I would love for you to come visit the front lines of eating disorder recovery here at Lemond Nutrition. 

As a pediatric and family dietitian, I am seeing an influx of eating disorders coming through our doors every day.  More than ever, children as young as 7 years old have a very distorted understanding of food, feeding, hunger and body image. 

Some children are at higher risk based on genetic predisposition.  In many homes, parents could not have done anything about their child falling into the obsessive-compulsive mindset with eating while other environments are a breeding ground.  Parents that talk about their own discomfort with “carbs” and dismay at their own bodies “getting fat” sets the stage for their own children questioning their own confidence with eating and their changing bodies.

Enter your world.  You are a mega socialite celebrity known for taking millions of photos of yourself over and over again.  We get it – you are gorgeous!  One look at your social media platforms, it is clear that you are obsessed with outer beauty and willing to do what ever it takes to keep yourself physically beautiful. 

Do you ever get to that ultimate feeling of fulfillment?  It doesn’t seem so; you are always looking for ways to change your looks and lose weight.  Is this how you want your beautiful daughter, North, to feel all her life?  Millions of females from 5-85 years follow you and it pains me to see people so influenced by such misguided influence.  

A couple weeks ago, I tweeted my dismay of you going on a 10-day “cleanse” in order to drop weight fast for the Met-Gala.  This morning I wake up to headlines about you running a paid Instagram ad to promote appetite-suppressing lollipops

You may never see the mess we deal with here on the front lines of eating disorder recovery each time you post a new crazy way to lose weight fast.  People literally die everyday in a desperate attempt to be thin and your posts fuel their desperation.

You even shared with Elle magazine recently that North has shown interest in makeup even at one years old.  You said, “She is obsessed with makeup and watching me get ready and getting ready herself. “  The cycle has already begun.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against makeup and dressing up to feel pretty.  I believe this is a natural desire in most women, but must be tempered with other traits holding much deeper value.  Your platform is so much more obsessive than just being a "girly girl."  This is an all-out obsession to be the most physically beautiful person in the world; and you are teaching your almost 5-year old to follow in your footsteps. 

The reality is that pursuing this route will never fulfill what you set out to do -- there is always someone seemingly younger, prettier and thinner.  If you search deep down inside of yourself, you know that is true.  The reality is that your body is aging and time has come for you to focus on deeper, more meaningful things.

With North about to turn 5 years old in June, I am pleading with you from one mother to another.  Stop with the fad diets. 

You can tell North that she is beautiful, but she sees you not accepting your own true self.  She sees what you do, not what you tell her.  Model traits you want North to have as a growing girl. 

Allow her to trust her body.  Hunger is a good sign that your body is working well; and  that your muscles need fuel.  Instead of focusing on what not to eat, feed North and your family nourishing, healthful foods most of the time.  When indulging in higher fat and sugar foods on occassion, don't tell her that you are being "bad."  Always foods and sometimes foods all have their place.  Allow them to eat as much as their body wants during meals and snacks.   You and Kanye decide what food is going to be served and they can decide to eat it or not.

Have fun as a family being physically active.  It’s just a natural part of a healthy life instead of working out to alter the body.  Guess what?  The body sets into its own when you just live the healthy life.  No need to focus on the outcome – trust the process.

My invitation to Lemond Nutrition stands.  We’d love to see you the next time you’re in the Dallas area.  We have a great farmer’s market play area that your kids would love!  I’d love to talk with you more about this if you would be open to the discussion.

The reality is that you are one of the among the biggest influencers for females and most importantly, to your daughter.  I hope you take my letter to heart.


Angela Lemond

Do you you think someone you know has the beginning of an eating disorder?  Early intervention is key.  The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) has a great screening tool that can be used to find out for sure.

*Since the posting of this blog, Kim has removed the post from Instagram.

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