New Year... New Foods!


Trying to think of some goals for the New Year? Why not try something different and make this year an opportunity for trying some new foods!

For kids and adults, giving new foods a shot can help decrease pickiness, improve nutrition variety, and expand food options. Trying new foods can also help us appreciate ingredients from different cultures and may even introduce us to new favorites! Follow these tips to try new foods in this new year:

  1. Start Small – maybe trying new vegetables sounds terrible and grilled proteins are more your thing. If you have an easier time with a certain food group, explore that first and save the more intimidating ones for later. Check out some of these unique food options:
    • Protein – bison, tofu, ground turkey, salmon steaks
    • Starch – bulger, orzo pasta, couscous, muesli, wild rice, chickpeas
    • Vegetables – eggplant, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, purple carrots, spaghetti squash
    • Fruit – dragon fruit, mango, kumquat, plantains
    • Dairy – kefir, goat cheese, pea milk, skyr, Irish butter
  2. Find a Recipe – it might be easy to pick and buy a new food ingredient, but what do you do with it next? Check out recipes from cookbooks, ask friends, or go online for some creative ideas with flavors you like (Tip: the Lemond Nutrition website and social media sites have some great recipe ideas!)
  3. Have Fun – let each member of the family pick a new food and prepare it together. Find a few adventurous friends and form a dinner club to socialize and try new things. Play food critique and let each person at the table rate the meal or food with feedback about what they like and what might make it better.
  4. Get Help When Needed – trying new foods might sound intimidating or feel downright scary. If you find that trying a new food is especially stressful or difficult, check in with one of our registered dietitians to see if there might be some strategies to help with this.

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