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National Cheese Day: A Delicious Summer Snack


Building Your Bone Bank

Cheese is a yummy snack and addition to any meal, however, it is also a contributor to building our “bone bank”! We save up bone minerals until we are around 30 years old, and then we begin "spending" these nutrients through the remainder of our life. We want to optimize this intake in our early years, but continuing to consume these "bone bank" foods is still important as time goes on.  

Here are a few key nutrients to help optimize bone health:



-Vitamin D



-Vitamin A

-Vitamin B3

-Vitamin B12

Lactose Intolerance

If you are lactose intolerant, have no fear! Cheese usually has less lactose than a regular glass of milk would. Cheeses like pepper jack, cheddar, swiss, or mozzarella can be great options for a lower-lactose cheese. Each person may tolerate lactose in different amounts. You may be intolerant to a glass of milk, but you might tolerate some cheese or even yogurt!

Fat Content

Dairy products contain a variety of different fat percentages. While whole fat can be great for growing children, low or no-fat can be beneficial for those who are lowering their cholesterol. You can find a variety of names on labels for cheeses:









Everyday Cheesy Recipes

There are SO MANY different cheeses! This means there are so many flavors and so many ways to use cheese! The texture and flavors of cheese can really make each recipe so unique. Cheese can go on salads, soups, stews, tacos, dips, casseroles… but one of my favorites is to use it with fruit and crackers!

Summer Peach And Goat Cheese Crackers


  • -Crackers of choice 
    -Your preferred goat Cheese flavor 
    -Canned or fresh peaches


1. Layer desired amounts of each ingredient onto the cracker and enjoy!

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