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Mindful Festival Fun!


One of my favorite things in the world is attending festivals of any kind. Whether music, art, film, or food, all are sure to be a great time! It is a fun opportunity to be around people who enjoy the same things I do and it provides a great sense of community! A plus of living in Dallas... there are usually festivals year-round.

Now, usually I have the opportunity to eat before a local fest, and may just choose something small to snack on while there. This past weekend was a little different. I went out of state for a 3-day music festival, in which the festival had a no re-entry policy. This meant I could eat breakfast before the festival but would need to eat lunch and dinner there, as the festival ended at 10 pm.

What I did, and what you can do, is enjoy the festival upon arrival and then go to the food vendor area to check out ALL of the options before you get too hungry. This gives you the opportunity to see everything they have to offer, and then allows you to make a mindful choice around the foods available. A mistake I have made in the past was waiting too long to look at the options. I was so hungry that I went to the first stand that I saw only to find out later there was a stand with more delicious food on the other side of the festival. 

As people are more and more health-conscious, food vendors are following suit. I found a handful of vendors with healthy options on their menus! It’s not just corn dogs, fries, candy, and sodas anymore. There are vegan/vegetarian options, fruit, and non-fried items as well! I also love how diverse food stands have gotten. I have seen grilled cheese, tacos, coffee, burger stands, and so much more! Here is a delicious option I found:

An important note I want to make is that you don’t have to avoid any foods, the key is mindful eating. I know that most don’t go to festivals too often, so it is important to enjoy the festival experience, and that includes the food. If you are excited to get the corn dog and fries, by all means, get them and enjoy them!! I would just caution not going overboard by getting the corn dog and fries now, then getting the cotton candy in an hour, then getting the nachos the hour after, and so forth every hour. Be sure to eat when you start to get hungry and stop eating when you feel content. Another note I want to make is to not feel guilty about what you are eating. This is only one meal, one day of the year, on a special occasion. You can go back to your routine tomorrow or at the next meal and/or snack option. It’s all about enjoying time with friends, family, doing the fun things you went to the festival to do, and enjoying the food you selected!

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