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Lemond Nutrition Encourages Kids To Become MyPlate Champions!


At Lemond Nutrition we LOVE MyPlate!  Why?  It is a colorful and user-friendly realistic approach to eating well.  For me, MyPlate makes sense.  I use MyPlate day to day.  I use it as a guide to teach clients – young and young at heart - how to balance their plates.  I also use it at home, when planning my family meals, packing my girls lunches and the adult lunches too! 

From my experience of using MyPlate with kids I have noticed that it empowers them. Once children understand that our bodies need a variety of nutrients and that these foods provide them energy, strength and help them grow; they are more willing to choose them as part of a meal.  MyPlate allows them to make healthy choices when ordering school lunch, eating at a restaurant or picking a meal anywhere! 

By pledging to be a MyPlate Champion, children (…and adults as well. We are in this together!) promise to eat healthy and be active every day.  To do so, let’s learn about the MyPlate Champion list:

Eat more fruits and veggies – be adventurous and try some of those fruits and vegetables you haven’t in a while.  You should make half of you plate be full of the vitamin and mineral rich foods.  After your meal you will feel like a superhero!

Try whole grains – make your sandwiches using whole wheat bread; use whole wheat pasta on spaghetti night or choose oatmeal for breakfast.  Whole grains give you lots of energy and help your digestive system work well.

Re-think your drink – sugary drinks like soda, juice and punch should be replaced with bone building fat-free or low-fat milk instead.  This is an easy way to make sure you stay healthy and strong!

Focus on lean protein – chicken, beans, fish, nuts and nut butters, eggs, lean meats are all examples of lean proteins!  Proteins help our bodies grow stronger.  Make sure you include these power foods at snack time too!

Slow down on sweets – cookies, ice cream, candy, (you can finish the list, right?) are foods for every once in a while.  These foods should not be part of our every day to day as they do not provide us with the nutrients our bodies need.  Save the treat for special occasions!

Be active your way – the goal is to move for 1 hour per day.  Do you like to dance, play sports or ride your bike?  Whatever you choose counts!  Get moving and have fun.

Do you think you have what it takes?  We think so!  Take the pledge at  http://www.choosemyplate.gov/kids/Champion.html  and grow healthy and strong with great food choices using MyPlate. 




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