Kitchen Decor May Help Family Nutrition!


Our family made a move to a new home on the other side of the same little town just last Friday.   One of the main reasons why I picked this home was because of the French privincial-style kitchen that is equipped with lots of cook space, modern appliances and cabinets for all my dishware and gadgets.   It’s a gorgeous kitchen!   However, it was up to me to put a personal touch that communicated how I wanted this space in the house to be used.   I knew that I wanted our kitchen to be a place where friends and family could gather together.   Food is wonderful, but eating together as a family is one of the many things that make a house a home.   It builds memories.   It creates traditions.   We laugh.   We share.   We nourish.   We teach each other.   I want our children to want to be there with us cooking and creating so I knew I need to add a whimsy touch as well.

So what would any girl do?   I went shopping!


I found this graphic that seemed to list my sentiments about what a kitchen should be.  If I could make it better, I would add "nourish," "health" and "nutrition."  But hey, it got most everything!


Here is my whimsy addition.  Meet Fran ? ois.  He is my new French assistant who announces the evening meal.  I got some mini Fran ? ois men (see one on the serving plate holding a sign that says, "Kiss the Chef!") that are sprinkled throughout the kitchen.  My daughter, Hannah, wrote the dinner menu last night.  As you can see, she is still working on her spelling!
What does your kitchen say to your guests?   To your family and children?   You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a place where everyone wants to gather.   I got these items at Garden Ridge for very reasonable prices.  The key is to make your kitchen space inviting and decorate it in a way that encourages others to want to be there.  
Just as importantly as creating a place people want to gather, also create a kitchen space that you would like to be in more!  If you find cooking to be more of a chore than a pleasure, maybe you need to re-think your kitchen.  You don't necessarily need a complete redo, but maybe add some fun decor.  I know that my new kitchen reinvigorates my desire to play in the kitchen with more foods and flavors.  From our family to yours - Bon App é tit!

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