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I wear 2 hats in the food & nutrition industry.  My volunteer hat is in media as a national spokesperson with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics where I promote the unique expertise of registered dietitian nutritionists (RDN).  My paid hat is one of business owner and RDN practitioner of Lemond Nutrition.  As a nutrition expert that counsels dozens of children, adults and families every month, I see a real need online - the modern way people now get information. People desperately need practical ways to pursue good health in their crazy busy, lives.  People often convey to me that those beautiful food pictures they see on social media often intimidate, NOT empower them to cook more.  They like to see them (and they "like" the photo), but it really isn't doing anything to get them cooking more at home.  You see, so many people are just exhausted when they come home from work and just need to get a simple, nutritious meal on the table.  I want to reach those people, not necessarily the foodie world that is already in the kitchen.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am always challenging people to ask ourselves why we do what we do.  For this inititative, Pretty food pictures are great if they are tied to a helpful and/or practical tip. I became an RDN to help people live healthier lives in a tangible, realistic way.  Everything I do must go back to that goal.  It's such a natural, basic desire to be "liked" even as a health expert, but it cannot overshadow our true reason for being on social media.

Our company was late to the Instagram platform as most of social outreach had been done on Facebook.  I had to ask myself what we wanted to post on there -- not just to get likes, increase our influence or add something else to our to do list.  If we are going join the fastest growing platform on social media, what are we going to do with it to leverage our goal of helping people live healthier lives?  Enter our new #simpletastyhealth initiative.  We want to feature not only our ideas, but everyone out there that is consistent with our wellness movement.  Will you join us?

Simple Tasty Health

We would love to feature your brand.  If you have:

-- A healthy, QUICK & tasty non-fad diet meal or snack idea that features whole foods. 
-- Kitchen, shopping hacks or ways to empower more home cooking.
-- Fun ideas to involve children in the growing, planning, shopping and preparation process of meals.
-- Ways to keep people moving with fun, physical activity throughout the day.
-- Exercise tips to promote strong bodies of all ages.
-- Ideas that are consistent with reliable food science, that are practical, easy to implement.  Original and unique ideas will be the first to be shared! 

Use #simpletastyhealth in your post and tag us on social media.  

We want to be a conduit for this type of information regardless if it is sourced from us or someone else.  Again, it goes back to our goal.  Any features will be shared on our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter profiles along with the source.  I know that our company alone has hundreds of families locally that will want to implement your ideas, but our social friends will appreciate them, too.

Thanks in advance for being part of the #simpletastyhealth movement.  Because everything we post in the area of food, nutrition and wellness really should primarily be about empowering others.  

Be part of the conversation!  Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter to discuss what #simpletastyhealth means to you.

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