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HAES: Health At Every Size


At Lemond Nutrition, we often have clients come through our door wanting to lose weight to “fit into their clothes” or to “be healthy.” What if I told you that as a dietitian, my job isn’t to encourage weight loss, but rather empower client’s and provide knowledge and tips on how to improve their health? Research tells us that at least 95% of the weight lost through dieting is regained within 1-5 years - and MORE weight is often gained back. Our ultimate goal is for individuals to make peace with food and care for their body, because did you know that thinness does not equal health?

I consider myself a Heath at Every Size® dietitian (HAES RD for short). Health At Every Size® is a movement that seeks to support people of all sizes in addressing health directly by adopting healthy behaviors, which is based off of the book Health at Every Size® by Linda Bacon. It is backed by evidence-based research and aims to provide compassionate care to respect the natural diversity of body sizes and shapes. It is an inclusive movement, recognizing that our social characteristics, such as our size, race, national origin, sexuality, gender, disability status, and other attributes are assets, and acknowledges and challenges the structural and systemic forces that impinge on living well.

As a HAES clinician, I aim to remove the focus from a client’s weight and focus more on treating the whole person, encouraging them to eat in a way that focuses on the enjoyment of food while honoring internal hunger and fullness cues. If your goal is to achieve “health,” then please reach out. We would love to tell you more!

Watch the video below for a fun way to learn more about Health At Every Size!

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