Finding Your Food Style



As I was preparing our dinner a few nights ago, my husband looked at what I was cooking and stated that my food/cooking style was “Mediterranean Tex-Mex.” I laughed at first, but as I thought about it, it is very true. I follow a Mediterranean style diet a large majority of the time with veggies, nuts/seeds, lean proteins, etc., but there is often a little Tex-Mex flare mixed in. Whether it’s cumin, green chilies, guacamole, beans, or bell pepper and onion mixtures- I love to mix up traditional dishes with a little flare. I find these combinations so satisfying and enjoyable! In Texas most adore their Tex-Mex meals, I know I do, so maybe I am working to add it in any way I can!

I have a lot of basic go-to meals that I prepare regularly for my family, but this salad below is nutrient packed and oh so delicious! The first time I prepared it, I knew I had to share! The colors were so vibrant. With the different flavors and nutrients I thought it fit perfectly with my newly deemed ‘food style’ of Mediterranean Tex-Mex!

What is your food style? I would love to know some of your favorite recipes and how you keep delicious options on your table, whatever your style may be!




This recipe was adapted/modified from Two Peas & Their Pod. Visit for more of their flavorful and delicious options! 

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