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Feature Your Food Labor!


Happy Labor Day!  Today, I celebrate everyone that works hard -- especially parents like you!  Many of us have the day off of their paid work today, but we are still laboring hard at home.  Like me and my husband, you may be working hard on home projects that have been long lingering to be completed.  Today is a great day to clean out the pantry and fridge - throw away old boxed items, spices and...ugh...what is that in the back of the refrigerator?! 

Now that you've got that kitchen all organized, let's talk recipes.  With these tough economic times, we are all looking for ways to raise our families more economically.  That definitely includes cheaper ways to feed our family! 

I am working on a television segment called "Budgeating."  Yes, you guessed it -- healthy eating on a tight budget.  I would love to feature one of your family recipes on television!  Here 's how:  send me your tastiest, healthiest and quickest recipe that costs $10 or under for a family of four.  (Hint: you will get higher marks if you include at least one produce item!)  The deadline for submission is Monday, September 12, 2011.  Send all recipes to angela@angelalemond.com.

The top 3 winners may have their dish along with their name featured on a local Dallas Fort Worth television station.  I say "may" because you know television - segments are not guaranteed to run until they actually go live because breaking stories go before food segments every time. 

On your mark, set...send me your recipes!  Even if your recipe doesn't make the top 3, all recipes submitted will be posted on Mommy Dietitian on the next blog post.  It is times like these when families need to come together in order to feed their families well, and continue to have family meals at home.  I want the Mommy Dietitian blog to assist with bringing families together!

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