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Do You Really Want IT? I call B.S. on YOU


Let’s face it.  We all have a tendency to B.S. ourselves in one way or another.  We make excuses about why things aren’t going the way we want them to be in our lives.   We cannot seem to meet the goals we have in our life and we get bogged down and discouraged.  Maybe, just maybe you are just B.S.’ing yourself by putting up Barriers to Success (aka, B.S.  What did you think it stood for??).

My job is to optimize people’s health through nutrition and wellness therapy.  In order to do that, I must find ways to motivate others towards wellness;  whether they are wanting to lose weight, optimize sports performance, manage a chronic disease or even normalize their child’s growth.  What I have to ask you is this – what barriers are you putting up that keeps you from being successful?   Health professionals have the tools you need, but those tools must be put into action in order for them to work.

We are well into the 100 degree weather here in Texas.  It’s HOT.  As I was running this morning, I was reflecting upon the handful of wellness clients that tell me every summer they don’t “do” the Texas heat.  They won’t walk or jog in the summer.  It’s too hot.  I was remembering these conversations as many people in my neighborhood passed me jogging, walking and biking.  And I was out there, too.  Running.  It’s not that we are better equipped to deal with the summer heat.  And I am certainly not saying we are better people for getting out there.  The difference?  It’s the B.S.

We see a lot of child athletes at Lemond Nutrition.   Some have goals of making the Olympics someday and they have the talent to make that possible.  But they don’t want to eat the way we need them to eat in order to optimize the performance required to compete on such a level.  I call B.S. on them.

A client comes in with a desire to “eat better.”  Yet every food or meal your dietitian suggests to try is rejected.  “Eww, that is so gross!  I have always hated (insert food).  I’m just a picky eater.  What can I say.  I’ve always been like that.”  We encourage people to slowly incorporate new foods so the taste buds can slowly adapt to new flavors. 

In families that have underweight or overweight children, how do you B.S. the situation?  With all due respect, are you modeling the lifestyle you want to see in your children?  Are you parenting them or are they calling the shots on everything to do with family meals?

Every several months, I write a post like this not to beat people down.  I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t challenge people.  When adults come in for weight management at Lemond Nutrition, they get a one-page sheet stapled to the inside of their education folder that sits right next to their wellness contract congratulating them on their new wellness journey.  We warn them in advance that they will be challenged in ways they have not on their own and if they open their minds up to new ways, they will surely be successful.  We also warn them that if their dietitian sees that there are too many barriers going up, they may suggest a temporary or permanent halt in their sessions.  Sometimes the timing is just not right for people to make changes while other times, the timing will never be right because of the B.S. 

I have some friends that run marathons, triathlons and even Ironmans.  They actually choose to train in the heat of the hot summer day because they know that if they can make good times in the severe weather, they can handle anything that race day throws at them.   Some may call them crazy.  I call them inspiring because they have removed all the B.S. in their life in order to meet their goal.  Now of course, I would caution them on proper hydration for that (!) but then I tell them to go out and follow their dreams.

Remove the B.S.
In order to remove the B.S., you must be honest and humble with yourself.  Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “A great man is always willing to be little.”  Do you know how many people go through their entire life and not do this?  Humility is one of the most healing traits you can have in your life – humility with others and humility with yourself.  When it comes to wellness, you might have an attachment with food that is deeper than you realize.  If this is the case, it will take humility to admit that and then seek some professional help.  What about those people that don’t want to exercise in the heat.  How about swimming?  Or, how about going out after the sun goes down or even before the sun rises?  (Another barrier might be being willing to get up earlier!)  That might not be a perfect scenario, but at least it’s more manageable.  Small steps forward are done when we are honest and humble about our situation.  That is where growth begins.

Remove those B.S. things (aka, Barriers to Success) by becoming more determined. Life is too short to not live to the fullest.  If you really want something, be super honest with yourself.  I am telling you right now that this is the ONLY difference between a person that achieves their dreams and one that does not.    And I believe you can do it!

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