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Cute Notes for Lunches & Snacks


I was shopping at a local specialty toy store near our home last weekend and came across these super cute notes and stickers especially made for your child's lunch and/or snacks.  I've been using them with the food I send to school for my daughter, Hannah, and she loves them! 

This little 4" x 3" trifold notes and stickers set is such a neat, compact set of "special touches" that  buttons up nicely and can be stored easily in a kitchen drawer.

When you open it up, there are 3 pockets.  I laid out what each pocket contains.  The right side contain the stickers in each pocket and the left side contains the note cards.  On the back of the note cards are lines where you can write your child a special little note or reminder.

You can purchase these online at Chronicle Books.

Make your child smile by sending sweet notes to school that will make them especially look forward to eating healthy. Order these, or you can start simple by just writing a little "I love you" on a sticky note.  What a great way to make them feel special!

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