Building Strength with Joyful Movement! (New Program Coming!)


Cooler temperatures are on the way as summer comes to an end. This gives us a great opportunity to be outside and enjoy various forms of activity. Last week Samantha shared about making movement joyful, which I am sure you have heard us say before here at Lemond Nutrition. You can try walking on your favorite trail, going for a bike ride with your friends and family, joining an outdoor fitness group, breaking out your roller skates for a ride, or whatever it is that sounds fun to you!

In addition to having fun while being active, other benefits include:

  • Reduced risk for various diseases (heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers)
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Improved brain health
  • Assist with blood sugar management
  • Reduce anxiety and improve mood

In addition to joyful movement, if you are not already participating in frequent forms of strength exercises, this could be another great option to incorporate into your routine this fall. The CDC suggests performing strength exercises 2 days each week for similar benefits listed above and healthy aging. If this is something you have been interested in giving a shot, we have great news! Coming soon, Lemond Nutrition will be selling a 6-8 week strength program. This program is designed for those who are looking to get strong again and those who are just getting started with strength training.

We are so excited to share this program with our Lemond Nutrition family and hope you are too. If you are interested, expect more information soon!!

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