Beyond the Table: Pick Your Own Produce


In this day and age of convenience, we are more disconnected from our food than ever.  It is no wonder that we have unprecedented numbers of children that are labeled "picky eaters."  One of the big problems is that we don't involve kids in any process around eating other than when they get to the table.

Evan Lemond

One of the things we encourage folks to do is to involve your children more in all aspects of the food experience.  A family garden would be great, but for many families we encounter that is not always realistic.

The great news is that there are pick-your-own-produce farms all around you!  We recently visited one near us in Mckinney, Texas and our kids absolutely adored the experience. 

Pure Land Farms in McKinney, TX

Pure Land Farm is owned by father-daughter duo Jack and Megan Neubauer that allow locals to come and pick a variety of produce items they are growing.  More than gathering your own food, the entire experience is such a learning opportunity for our children.  Kudos to the Neubauer's for posting signs at the ends of each row of produce with instructions on how to harvest each crop.

Directions for harvest - Pure Land Farms

Although Pure Land Farm is closed for the season, they will be back next spring.  Until then, check out all the pick-your-own produce farms in your area.  Our family has our eye on Henrietta Creek Orchard in Roanoke, TX for apple picking season!

Angela Lemond

Do you have a picky eater in your home?  Don't bribe, nag or force feed.  Do something more impactful.  Involve your kids in more aspects of the food experience - harvesting and/or shopping, menu planning and cooking.  You just might find that when it's time to sit at the table for that family meal, they may be a bit more open-minded.  

Our meals are so much more impactful when we know where it came from and how it was made before you take your first bite.

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