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Amp Your Grocery Shopping Confidence With Our App Pick


There are so many people on restricted diets for various health reasons, and that can be very difficult to navigate.  If you have never had a child with a food allergy or intolerance, God bless you!  Every week, we meet with parents that are feeling so lost on what to feed their children after having identified a major food or ingredient that is causing minor or major symptoms.  Imagine with me the fear of these parents, when feeding our children is such an integral part of providing for their health and well-being.

The Mobile App to Amp Your Food-Buying Confidence
Enter ShopWellShopWell is a free mobile phone application available on iPhone or Android that allows you to enter foods that you want to avoid, help manage a condition or help you reach a health goal.  Once you have entered your preferences, goals and/or health conditions in, you can do food searches and presto – you immediately start seeing them in your search results.  For example, let’s say that my child was told by her allergist to exclude ALL top 8 food allergens out of her child’s diet  Yikes!  No milk, wheat, eggs, soy, nuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.  What the heck is left?  Well, let’s see.  Here, I’ve put all those restrictions in and now I want to see what bread I can give my child.  I go to the search screen and enter “bread.”  Here is what comes up:

Source: from Shopwell.com 

This list is quite long, but of course the screenshot just shows the top of the list.  You can scroll down to see all the choices.

If you are curious if the bread you have in your pantry fits the plan?  No problem.  Go the scanner in the app and can the bar code.  This is what you get:

Source: from Shopwell.com

OK, now plug in crackers or cereal or even granola bars to get some acceptable foods at the store you can choose from.  Now the challenge is to find something your child will eat as an alternative.  That's where it is so individual for each child or person.  But this app really helps provide acceptable choices.  As you know, it's not the whole foods that are tough to navigate – it’s the shelf-stable foods.  ShopWell even has a feature in your profile where you can set it to avoid suggestions that may have added sugar, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or color additives.   Meet with a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) to get a good recommendation on what eliminations are right for you and your health need.  Do know that the more you restrict from the diet, the higher risk there is to develop a nutrient shortfall so do so with professional help.

Food Suggestions for IBS, Diabetes, High Cholesterol & Other Health Conditions
Don’t have time to read labels?  This app really helps zone in on better products that improve and optimize your health with their rating system.  Plug in your goals in your profile and let the app do the work.  You can do the same kind of searches as we did with the allergies above, or scan a product in the store to get the rating system.  ShopWell’s rating system is broken down into a number rating that ranges from 0-100 with 100 being the best score.

Source: from Shopwell.com (click here to enlarge)

Advanced Features
Admittedly, I have not played around with the receipt scanner yet.  It is supposed to help higher scoring alternatives to the products that you have purchased.  There is also a new feature called “missions” where you can earn cash via Tango card credits with every completed mission.  Make sure your “send missions” selection is enabled in your settings.  Other features include an “Ask the RD” section where you can see various chats with consumer suggestions; and a community section where you can connect with other users.  These seem to be great features, but the ones we’ve found to be the most helpful are the product searches and scans.

What I love about our blog is that when we feature a product, service or brand, we do it because we believe it helps improve health.  We are not compensated for our recommendations here.   In this case in particular, ShopWell and Lemond Nutrition share the same goal to “empower people to make better decisions about food.”  That is very similar to our company's mission statement.  A special thanks to ShopWell for providing such a phenomenal and reliable app that has helped hundreds of families maintain proper health.  It is our hope that someone feels more empowered with their food decisions by the information in this post.

Do you have a great resource for managing health conditions?  Let us know and we may add it to our resource list!  

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