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Meredith Hedberg RDN, LD

Meredith Hedberg, RDN, LD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Social Media Specialist

Some of you might recognize Meredith from our front desk and the material she releases to our media. While continuing these roles she will also be working as a Dietitian! Meredith sees clients who would be participating in our Freedom Wellness Program and are suffering from gastrointestinal difficulties and chronic diseases.

She is excited to work with patients who are lost in the nutrition world trying to find their place of freedom, comfort, and belonging. Meredith’s end goal for each of her clients is to ensure they know all foods fit, are mindful of the foods they eat and how it makes them feel, find comfort in their own body, and are able to identify how to create a power plate in any food environment (home, work, out to eat, vacations, etc).

As a native Arkansan, she attended the University of Arkansas and graduated with a degree in Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation. Meredith then moved to Texas to complete her dietetic internship with Nutrition Ink, a distance dietetic internship program based out of California. During her internship, she spent time in her clinical rotation with our company. Soon after, she began volunteering with us and the next thing we knew she was a member of our team!

Hobbies Meredith enjoys are spending time with her friends and loved ones biking, camping, hiking, rock-climbing, practicing yoga and most of all- cooking!