Pediatric Nutrition

Your Child Is Our Specialty

As pediatric nutrition specialists, we want to help you and your child achieve optimum health. The first step we take for success is understanding your child and what is important to them. Our approach involves looking at nutrition in a different light, getting to know the life of you and your child and creating a solution that is easy and paved with successes.

Areas that we specialize in include:

Failure to Thrive/Lack of Weight or Height Growth
Weight Management
Picky Eaters
Special Diets
Food Allergies & Intolerances
Celiac Disease
Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Irritable Bowel Disease
Stages of Feeding by Age
Enteral (Tube) Feeding
Maternal Nutrition
Lactation Nutrition
Athletic Nutrition
Disordered Eating
Oncology Nutrition

Individualized Nutrition Plans

Lemond Nutrition is one of the few private nutrition practices that specialize in child growth abnormalties (underweight and overweight) for a myriad of health reasons and causes.  We also help counsel parents and children on new diets due to food allergies or digestive disorders.  Some children plot normal on the growth chart, but their parents are concerned with their overall nutrition due to food aversions.  Regardless of the reason, the first visit typically involves:

  • Height/Weight/BMI or weight-for-length
  • Growth chart plotting
  • 24 hour diet recall including food likes and dislikes
  • Food allergies
  • Past medical history and family medical history

Depending on the child’s age and diagnosis, the first consultation may emphasize interaction with the parents or child.  Most children need to come to the visit, but in some cases we do ask for the parents to come alone.  Ask us when you call us, and we will make the recommendation.

The first visit will include a nutrition prescription or wellness contract packaged in a portfolio with practical educational items customized to your child’s nutrition goals.

Our nutrition specialists encourage parents to call or e-mail us anytime while we are following your child.  It is important to us that you have all the support and guidance while we are working to optimize the nutrition for your child!

Be sure to fill out all pre-appointment forms prior to your child’s appointment, which can be found on our insurance/forms section.

Ongoing Success

Follow-up nutrition appointments are usually scheduled 4-6 weeks out.  At the follow-up appointment, we re-assess the nutrition plan and measure weight/height/BMI or weight-for-length to track progress.

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