It's a Family Thing

Do you want more peace at the dinner table?

I have a program where every family member has a set of healthy eating goals to work on. Everyone make changes together so that no one feels “different.” Each family member is given the opportunity to feel good about their own achievements.

End your struggles with getting everyone to eat what you prepare. ?

The program takes a huge weight off your shoulders – everyone will want to eat the food you prepare. You will learn how to teach your children to make better decisions for eating and for life.

Does it work?

Thousands of people have improved their health dramatically after receiving nutrition and lifestyle guidance from me. In just three short months most people see changes in their weight, energy level and other health indicators like cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Preparing meals for an entire family is a time-consuming and energy zapping task in today’s on-the-go world. I will create for you an achievable program that changes how you and the entire family approach meal time. Call to get the entire family started on the program.

Program Breakdown

  • Week One: individual assessments, analysis and goal setting; food and activity competition introductions
  • Week Two: Healthy eating basics, individual goal follow-ups
  • Week Three: Physical activity and energy balance; balancing the energy in with the energy out; creative ways to be active together as a family; individual goal follow-ups
  • Week Four: Grocery Shopping Tour with grocery shopping lists, do’s, don’ts and tips for survival; individual goal follow-ups
  • Week Five: Staying healthy despite unhealthy environments, holidays and busy schedules; physical activity and healthy eating award ceremony, graduation
  • Post-Program Follow-Up: What’s working, what’s not, working through ongoing issues

Program Includes

  • 12 hours of nutrition education specifically geared toward family nutrition
  • Nutrition analysis for all family members including a printout of average calorie, fat, carbohydrate intake as well as vitamin/mineral comparisons with national recommendations
  • Dietitian assessment and monitoring of food patterns along with suggestions
  • Estimated calorie needs for each family member
  • Individual goals for each member based on current medical and/or food issues
  • Physical grocery store tour with grocery shopping lists, do’s, don’ts and tips
  • Practical solutions for snacking and meal planning
  • Friendly food AND activity competitions throughout the 6 weeks to keep family members motivated and engaged
  • Physical Activity as a family; tips to keep each other encouraged to stay active It’s a Family Thing! Program is available on weekdays from 5-7p.m.  One class per week for 4 weeks and then a one month follow-up.  Call today to get availability on the specific day that works for you.

This is certainly an investment for your family, but one that you will not regret. It will have lasting impact on how your family lives life!

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