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Manisha “Mona” Dave, M.D.

Manisha “Mona” Dave, M.D.

What are the areas in your practice that you are most passionate about?

As a pediatric gastroenterologist, I have the opportunity not only to care for children but the entire family.  When a child seeks my care for their digestive issues, it usually means the entire family will need to make changes to help the health of the child.  I find it extremely rewarding to educate families and watch the changes lead to better health.  I am most passionate about patient education and ensuring that the patient and family are placed on a path toward a healthful life.

If your patients were interviewed and asked what they especially liked about your care, what do you think that would that be? 

I think patients will say that Dr. Dave and her staff truly care.  Dr. Dave takes the time to listen and really tries to work hard toward finding the best solution for their digestive health concerns.

In your specific area(s) of practice, what would be at least one piece of advice you would give someone to maintain optimal health?

I believe many of our health problems are preventable and treatable through proper nutrition.  I tell my patients to think of food as the best medicine for your body.  It is so important to evaluate what we put in our bodies and how that affects our overall health.

What is your favorite healthy food?

My family and I are vegetarian.  We eat so many yummy healthy foods that it is difficult to pick one favorite but I would say that our homemade veggie pizza with herbs from our own garden is my favorite.  The sauce is my mother-in-law’s recipe and the oregano, basil, and peppers are home grown.

What is your favorite indulgent food?

Hands down it is ice cream.  We don’t keep it in the house because it is full of sugar.  Going out for ice cream is reserved for those special family treats.  However, a great healthy substitute is the Yonanas frozen treat machine.  You add in a frozen banana or any other frozen fruit like mangoes and within a minute you get a creamy frozen treat.  It is deeeeelicious!

Yonanas Classic 

What is your favorite healthy recipe that you would like to share? 

Dave Family version of Scrambled Eggs.  This is a great breakfast meal that is quick and super easy to make.

 Dave Egg Scramble

In a pan, first sauté onions, sliced up serrano peppers, and ginger paste.  (I usually make a fresh batch of ginger paste each weekend and keep it in the fridge to use in my cooking throughout the week.  Ginger has so many great health properties.)  Then add in whipped eggs and scramble.  Add salt and pepper to taste.


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