Driving Force

Those close to me will say I am very determined.   The source of my unshakeable drive is my Christian faith.  Faith is a lot like a muscle. To keep a muscle strong, you need to actively seek it out and give it daily attention  -  a spiritual workout every day.  I plug myself into God every day so I have the strength to overcome obstacles and to live the life He has planned for me -- serving others.  

Many have no idea I overcame an anxiety disorder and fear of so many things through prayer and faith in God. I truly understand when others have fears and struggles.  

I like to put myself through mental and physical challenges in order to conquer fears.  In 2012, I put myself through a huge mental and physical challenge and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.  I did it for myself and to inspire those around me. Read more about my experience there on my personal blog, Will Climb For Food: Overcoming For a Higher Purpose.  What are the mountains in your life?

The bottom line is that any life worth living requires you to continue challenging yourself - continue moving forward, learning and growing.  Food/nutrition are a key component to our lives, but they can often be something that can hinder if not in its proper place.  I would be honored to help guide you where food is meant to be for you.

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